Hello! I'm Krista, I'm a painter, teacher, and mom to two great kids! Nine years ago I decided to give painting and mixed media a try. I fell in love! I made a decision to begin working from a home studio while raising my two children in the pursuit of living my dream as a full-time artist!  I absolutely love teaching young artists how to unleash their creativity and color outside the lines! I teach workshops for all ages using a large variety of mediums. 

My inspiration comes from stories of life, love, and the struggles and triumphs that come from living a full life! My love for nature, lessons from faith of all kind, and other cultures serves as a backdrop for my colors, textures, and words.

A native Cali girl at heart, I currently live in a small town in Florida, called Clermont with my husband of 18 years, our two children, one cat, two dogs, and three fish. 

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