As artists and people in general we like to stay
 safe, protected and
in our comfort zone.  

But to truly have the life you want,
you absolutely must leave the one you have behind! 

Now I'm not suggesting here at all to pack your bags,
say goodbye to the ones you love,
and hit the road as a Gypsy...

 but we all have something that keeps us here... in our safe little place.

Maybe it's time to take the risk to let something go. 

Time to say I'm going to risk failure for a chance at success. 

 I'm going to be vulnerable to feel all the love I deserve. 

Who knows whatever it is... take a chance!

Here's to living your life & mine
fearless, brave & blossoming!



  1. love anis nin, great quote to follow by! i am right there, right now...taking chances and creating a new life for myself. wish me luck!!

  2. I really like your blog, it's very insiprational!

  3. @ Kelly thanks for the sweet comment and still faithfully following my blog after a really long break! I wish you luck and much happiness along the way!

    @ gbloom thanks for visiting my blog and making such a nice comment... I'll be popping over to check yours out!


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