OH WOW!!!!

I seriously need to apologize to several blogger friends!

So for two or more years I've been blogging. Blogging as an outlet. Blogging as a way to share my art. And. Blogging to make connections.

For 2 or more years I've been thinking I've been blogging to NO ONE!!
Well in an attempt to make a greater effort.
 That's a theme in my life now.

 I stumbled upon the COMMENT MODERATION tab!! Holy cow!!
15 pages of comments to publish! Wow!
 I wasn't the lone blogger after all!

So THANK YOU to all of you who shared such amazing stories, thoughts, prayers, and well wishes to me over the past 2 years! There are some blogger friends who continue to inspire, comment, and hung in there on my blog while I took a long soul searching break!

 Please check out these amazing women and their inspirational blogs: Kelly Berkey Designs, Kolleen at Heart Swing Sisters, Cathy Bueti, and there were so many more!

I hope this finds everyone stumbling on happy little surprises!


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