Getting an Early Start

Seriously, it's been almost a year since I blogged!? Okay so I have been making some major changes this past month. Fixing broken things, yea like relationships... mending broken roads, and creating new ways of doing things. So let's just say the almost one year anniversary of my not blogging is a way to publicly say I'm starting a new path in life. One of understanding, forgiveness, and yes a greater effort on my part!
Out with the old, in with the new. I think it's even showing in my work. For a while there the thought of picking up that paintbrush felt like picking up a massive rock. That's gone... creativity is flowing and with more inspiration than ever! Here's to an early start to the New Year ahead! I'm ready for a new path! I'm ready to be brave and not let the fear of failure stop me! I hope this finds all of you conquering old habits and traveling on a new more inspired path! Thanks for hanging in here while I took a long, long break! ~XOXO Krista


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