What a Pain in the Neck!!!

Sooo.... the past couple of weeks 
have been all about hearing that 
I'm just not as young as I once was!


It was 20 years ago in March, it was my senior year...
big basketball game that night and

out of nowhere a car comes crashing
through a red light and so the story goes! 

It appears that my neck injury stayed quiet
for a long time and now has decided enough is enough...
no more
painting while standing hunched over,
reaching far for paints,
playing tackle football on the front yard,
etc.. etc...

So rather than creating, painting,and playing ...

I've been


and endured every torture device
that the chiropractor could come up with...

I'm happy to say I think
I'm seeing the end in sight...
today I can type!

I did however get to create
a few new things
right before the big reach for paint
did me in...

I hope this finds all of you feeling great,
creating, and having fun!

I'm itching to paint
so keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Oh Krista I feel for you! I have had neck problems too and it stinks! Not as bad as yours but I know what its like to not be able to do what you want because your body is in pain!

    I so love these pieces! They are lovely!

    I am sending you healing vibs !! Hope you get back to painting soon!


  2. my fingers are crossed. you will feel better, but you might have to adjust how you do things from now on. just do what you are suppose to and don't fight it. i had a neck injury years ago (broken neck) and it flares it's ugly head often, putting me out of commission. it's a long road to healing, but you will heal, you must paint!

  3. i shall.
    keep my fingers crossed
    for a painting day soon
    for you.
    feel better!


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