The TRUTH Will Set You Free

What a statement... I've really always wondered exactly what this really meant...
 "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." 
I know how I've applied it to my life at different times,
or how I'd like to apply it to other's lives at certain moments,
but all along I never really got it.

Religion has always been something I'm drawn to,
but yet I've ran from it to.  Being raised with little to none...
 it was a fascinating mystery that many of my friends had that I did not. 
As a teenager, I thought I was buddhist
and was ready to take to the world with my robe and bowl
and settle to meditate...
didn't work too well for me!

But, I think that's just it... that's part of it.... seeking the truth. 
I've accidentally discovered faith through my art. 
 Being asked to create pieces that have scripture on them. 
At first this seemed really awkward considering
I have never proclaimed to be religious...
or as I would often times say, "That into it." 

But strangely enough these seem to be the pieces
 that flow off my brush and onto the canvas... effortlessly.
These are the pieces that inspire me,
 give life to new ideas and techniques, and almost never
(almost) frustrate me while creating. 

So here is another piece inspired by faith...
something I constantly seek and
discover in my life and on this artful journey. 
Faith takes truth and honesty to discover...
which can be very scary...
 this morning I read a blog post from a blogger friend
who inspired this honesty...
this truth...
 this inspiration for this post...
thanks Kelly... check out her amazing slide show
I think it will inspire all of us to get to what our
inspiration and truth is! 

~XoXo~ Krista

Oh & P.S...
 this new little canvas is perched in my etsy shop as we speak!! :D


  1. Thanks Krista...funny how that had nothing to do with me...yet it was exactly something I needed to see this morning! Gorgeous creation! :)

  2. Krista this is a great post! I was raised catholic and even spent 8 years in catholic grade school. As I grew older I started to develop into my own beliefs based on how I was raised but it morphed into more spirituality rather than strict religion. And that spirituality has influenced my poetry, writing, and now my art.

    I love this piece! So beautiful and colorful! And of course love the sentiment!


  3. Krista;
    This is a beautiful painting with a wonderful message. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and your journey to finding your peace. It is very true, "Truth shall set you free!".

  4. Krista, this is so darling. Thanks so much for mentioning me, you made my heart soar today:-)

    I love reading your heart open and your deep feelings being shared, you are amazing, just amazing!

  5. Krista!
    I just discovered you on the HIVE!
    Love your blog.
    Love your art.
    Linked you to my blog.
    Will follow with Network Blogs too!
    So fun, here on your sweet blog!
    Blessings Eden

  6. Thank you for your loving post! It is wonderful!
    your art is from your heart I can feel it.
    We sure have a whole lot in common.. I found you on my bloghopping list and so happy to be here.
    I have added myself to your blog. Keep on keeping on.. Hugs, Darlene xo

  7. what a wonderful blog and a wonderful artist.
    i followed you here from your little birdie on "daily truths"..brave girls awesome emails.
    i am so happy i did. i love this post. i am always inspired by faith and neat that you would share your story.
    glad i found you!

  8. Just clicking around in blog land and found yours. Love your work! My faith and creativity intermingle too...and often I'm never quite sure how it will appear on the canvas. It's an amazing process...


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