Full of Wonder... Inspiration Thursday

Wonder:  rapt attention or astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new to one's experience...

It doesn't matter how big or small he always can find something new and amazing right outside our door...

Filled with an endless sense of wonder... 

This is dedicated to my little man...
may society and life never stop your curiosity, wonder, and ability to see something amazing in everything you touch. 

This is ADHD/Special Needs Awareness Week
something here at home we are all too familiar with...
this goes out to everyone who is full of

and the amazing gift of
living in the moment!

And for Kim's contribution to this post...
 it's funny that she would choose a pic of her dog Soggy.

  Not long ago I stumbled upon a book that was titled, 
"All Dogs Have ADHD".

It's a celebration of the
boundless energy,

This picture collaboration fit perfectly!

XOXO~  Krista


  1. Krista is a beautiful post. These are great! Your little man is adorable! What a wonderful picture of him! :)

  2. Lovely post. Your little one is quite the handsome guy, and that dog picture is awesome! Congratulations on getting your little bird published on the Brave Girls Club daily email! Nice to meet a fellow Floridian. Off to visit your Etsy shop!

  3. Hi Krista--thanks so much for entering my giveaway, but I already picked the winner :(
    I'm so sorry, but I'll tell you--I usually have a giveaway every couple of months (my 1 year blog anniversary is coming up!) But I'm glad that you came over because now I've found your wonderful blog!!
    P.S. Love this Dave Matthews song!!


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