Team Up Thursday: Week One "Bliss"

So my good friend and  fellow artist Kim over at Soggy Dog Studios
and I have decided to participate in a photo journey together. 
Every week we will be part of Team Up Thursday.

This is a community of artists who pair up to capture a theme
as they see it through their lens.
 Each pairing with create a diptych and
post it on their blogs and to our flikr group at
Thank you to Megan over at Mental Inventory for
 creating this creative way to find inspiration!

So this week we decided since we are both so incredibly undecisive
 at times to each open up a book to the first page
 flipped upon and read a word from it....
but as usual we still couldn't decide!
Suddenly a word popped into my head...
a word I strive for in my life...

 BLISS... Bliss is the word... the theme. 

So here goes... our vision of bliss...

Of course I go with something involving water... pure bliss for me and one of the kid faces.  I always have said that my little man  captures the epitome of pure bliss in almost everything he does.  He lives in the moment without fear or boundaries to hold him back, ever curious, ever passionate, and ever blissful!

And then there's Kim... a warm cup of joe and she is the definition of... profound happiness! 

Thanks for taking a through our lens!

xoxo~ Krista


  1. Beautiful pictures Krista! Sounds like you will be having fun with this! And what a beautiful and powerful word you chose! :)


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