In a State of Mama Braggin'

Alright here goes...
I'm about to brag a bit here...
 that's what moms do, right?

I have to say that I have always
considered myself so lucky
to have two kids that love
to be in my little studio
blasting the music
and creating right along side of me.

They doodle, trace, paint, color, but...
this time I think my daughter
has embarked on a journey of her own.
I'm lovin' these mixed media illustrations
 and paintings that she has created! 
 I just thought I would share that,
 she may not be the only
accidental artist in the family! 

Okay I'm done braggin'...
but you have to once in a while, right?

Here's hoping this is finding you,
discovering all your hidden talents
and the gifts of others in your life!

XOXO~ Krista


  1. Hi Krista! Wow! These are great! Looks like you do have another artist in the family! And what a great mom you are sharing and bragging! And I am sure you will be encouraging this talent which is priceless! Very nice! :)


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