Time Flies When You Are having Fun!

Wow did this summer fly by. Back to:
6am alarms
homework (yuck!)
rushing out the door
and collapsing at the end of the day...
but before I go to sleep and awake to "real life"...
let's remember...

lazy days
ocean breeze
learning something new
endless summer days
splish splashin
leaving the world behind only just for a moment
waiting at the docks
fun in the sun
boundless energy
summertime beauty
making memories
smiling faces
and the beach...
Thank you summer for these memories!
xoxo~ krista


  1. HI Krista! What a lovely post! Your pictures are great! Looks like alot of fun was had! Its hard to believe that summer is just about over. Where did the time go! I am looking forward to crisp fall days here in NY.

    I hope you have an easy start to your week! :)

  2. Oh I just loved this post and all the wornderful pictures! What a treasure!

  3. The summer in reveiw !! We people with grown kids love the kids going back to school !! Now for a week or two we get th pool to our sleves !! TEE HEE

  4. Looks like you have wonderful memories from this summer!


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