The Best Things That Have Ever Happened To Me...

Every once in a while I get into a bit of a funk...
and it's at these moments when I look to the best
things that have ever happened to me. 

These are the everyday reminders of what really does matter in my life.  These are the people who love, inspire, and cheer me on when this funk creeps up on me. 
 It may be that one negative thing leads to another and another and before you know it I'm consumed.  But at the end of the day all that matters is the love, understanding, and fun that I have with these three amazing people in my life!
So today make sure that no matter what funk you might be in... look around to see what is most important and before you know you will be inspired, motivated, and out of that mud that you might be stuck in!!  Now I'm going to go practice what I preach!


  1. Thank you for the awesome words of wisdom! You have "moved" me, once again! You rock, Krista! love ya,
    Angie :)

  2. Angie~

    Thanks for popping by my blog today! I think we all go throight this kind of thing and need to be reminded of the best and most true things in life. Glad you enjoyed. I tried clicking on your link but got nowhere... are you Angela Recada?? If so... I love your work and your blog!

  3. thank you SO much for this gentle reminder!

    funny.....i was thinking about this today...
    this "funk" thing that happens and what
    pulls us out...???

    i NEEDED this...thank you dear Krista!
    it came in its perfect timing!


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog today. Your visit and comment actually helped me out of my funk today and imagine my surprise when I read your blog on that very subject!
    Glad to have a new friend. :)

  5. oh!
    love this post.
    i need these kinds of reminders all the time.
    i was just in a funk and dear kolleen (above) helped me out,
    but i OFTEN find my release in time spent loving and hugging on and playing with my 5 little beans as well.
    i LOVE the freckles on those faces.
    we have LOTS and LOTS of freckles in our family.
    happy day to you.
    thanks for sharing krista...

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