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Under pressure... dadadada.... that's my theme song.  It seems the only road for me to trully create, be inspired, and get things done is to be completely stressed out and working round the clock. This behavior is not just born out of procrastination, it comes from a place that I have always operated from. .. I know many of you can relate!  I remember cramming in college... doing fine, but all nighters are my thing... it just motivates and inspires me!  As many of you know, give me a deadline far out and it just won't get done until right up to the deadline!

So... with that said I've been working away in my studio filling orders, but even cooler creating a new collection for an event that my friend Kim & I will be honored at together.  We are the featured artists in April at Artistree in College Park, Florida.  We decided last night that we just have to create and not critique since we are both brutally hard on ourselves!  So I wanted to give a sneek peek at a few of the pieces that have been inspired by my daughter and the joys and struggles of growing up.  We would love to have you join us the night of April 17th for this event!

I'm also gearing up for an event this weekend at Artistree to kick off the spring season.  Many great artists will be displaying and selling their work.  I have to admit though,  I am extremely partial to one up and coming little artist, Jordan Brock!  That's right my little man has a true love for art in between jumping ramps on his bike.  He is so excited to participate in his first show.  Amber may even be showing some of her peace sign pieces there as well!

I have to say that although feeling stressed works I do need to find a different way to work... it just doesn't seem like meditative painting will work so well for me! Omm... Omm... well back to the loud music, messy hands, 3am frenzy! 

I hope this finds you living a happily chaotic inspired life, of course if that's what your in to!!



  1. love your new painting!
    love Jordan's work...so awesome!!!

    makes me think i should get my funky little painterly 7 year old daughters work out there too....what an awesome mama you are!!!

    keep on keepin on girl and i did a post last wednesday regarding the "little gremlins" in our heads and how hard we can be on ourselves, etc... - i had several wisdom filled comments....if you get a chance pop over and take a peak!

    sending love

  2. Wow Krista! Reading your blog post tonight, I feel such a kindred spirit in you. We are so very similar. So glad I've reconnected with you and Kim! And love your new work!

  3. you are an inspiration. how fun for you to have your son join in. my baby boy is 25 now, but an artist at heart. i can't wait for him to find his path back to it someday.
    i'm loving everything you are doing lady, keep it up and try to find time to sleep!


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