Be Free in Your Mind - Like a Cloud in the Sky!

Have you ever noticed how a cloud doesn't really worry if the winds blow to the north, south, east, or west?  So I've decided to be more like a cloud... I know what some of you are thinking, too much varnish on the brain!  But no,  I have adopted this as my new motto for inspiration and relaxation why should we worry over the things we cannot control? 

Don't get me wrong that does not mean I'm going to sit back here and just wait for opportunities, I will spring into action... paint all night and create non-stop... it just means I won't worry about "will they get it", "will they like it", etc... etc...   you know what I'm talking about worrying too much about all of those things we can't control.  A good friend of mine sent me this yesterday and it inspired this thought.  I think it doesn't matter if your an artist or a corporate exec we all can make ourselves miserable with these thoughts:

I'm going to be more like a cloud and go whichever way the wind blows... there may be some stormy times ahead, which I'm really getting kinda sick of , but the storms bring clear skies too and sometimes even better weather ahead!  So with this,  my March calendar is full, and April is filling up with lots of opportunities to be inspired, create, and let the wind direct my path. 

So I'm off like a cloud in the sky to Jordan's class to bring Eric Carles, Little Cloud to life with a cloudy little creation!  Can't wait to see their reaction to painting with vasoline!!

I hope this finds you doing your best always, but letting the results take care of themselves!!



  1. Have been dealing w/No. 9 ~ it just about drives me off the wall! ~ Thanx for sharing this list ~


  2. I love these sky photos.... it makes me want to be a bird.... Oh... hey I've got an idea... maybe I will go paint some birds! Thanks for all the inspiration! :) xoxo - K

  3. Beautiful. I never heard of being like a cloud but I'm always saying I want to be like the wind. Your art is you, not what people want it to be, enjoy every moment~


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