Looking at Life Through the Lens: A Photo Session with Paris Carter Photography

The other day I received something that did my heart and soul some good!  It was just one of those weeks when nothing seemed to be going right.  Where that knot that is tied so tight at the end of the rope just seemed to unravel.  I had the opportunity to be photographed by a friend and amazing photogrpaher, Paris Carter of Paris Carter Photography! 

Paris not only possesses an amazing talent to capture the raw element of what is happening before her eyes, but she truly is a woman who is an inspiration too!  Living everyday with faith, belief, and hope... she drops little notes on Facebook each day to uplift everyone who reads her l posts.  She has inspired some of my favorite paintings, and I am so grateful for that.

I wanted to just share some of the pictures she took that day.  It was a day that took my blues away for a moment.  We cracked up as I made a fool of myself... realizing I was definetly no model!  Give me a paintbrush and I know what to do with my hands, plop me in front of a camera now that's scary!

I think you will find that the way she captures the light and her subject is quite beautiful!  She creates art through her camera and brings it to life!  What an amazing talent she has!  You can stop by her website at www.pariscarterphotography.com 
Follow her blog while your at it!!

I hope this finds everyone living life to the fullest!

~xoxo, Krista


  1. Great pics Krista! Paris is very talented and she had a great model!

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  3. These pictures are amazing! They really are!!

    Hope all is well!!

    (so sorry. That typo annoyed me hehe ^_^)

  4. Krista!

    I just stumbled onto your facebook page by way of a mutual acquaintance. I am so impressed! You have such great talent. And we have amazingly similar taste! I have been getting back into art lately and dreaming up things in my head similar to what you have done. But couldn't get it onto a canvas. I love what you've done! You've got it! And beautiful pictures by the way.

    And on another note (pun intended ;), the first song that played when I came to this page was Wintersong. I sang that recently at an arts event in my church. Too funny. Great taste!

    Christy Perez (Nathan's mom from MUMC preschool)

  5. Hello Krista,

    Thank so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my site. These connections we make through the blogging world are priceless.

    I love the name you've chosen for this site! So creative and right on. It's such an inspiration to see other women just doing their thing, creating their beauty, and being brave enough to put it out there.

    I'm so glad our paths have crossed. I hope your day overflows with creative energy and inspiration.

    Sending love.


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