Winter Blahs Are Trying to Get Me!!

I find myself stuck in my cold winter mood a lot lately... it seems that every January and February I fall into hibernation mode.  Do any of you ever feel that way or is it just me?  Ya know that feeling that you just lived through yet another year.  The time you get kinda reflective on what you have accomplished and what lies ahead.  This tends to be a time of self-doubt and a period of looking for my creativity again.

As much as I've struggled with getting my oomph back, my desire to create I have forged ahead and created a few things.  Lately they have been pieces that were commissioned for another, but were solely inspired by my kids.  My feelings about them and my hopes and dreams for their lives.  Sometimes life can be hard filled, with challenges like what's fair and not fair.  The only thing we as parents can hope for is that our children believe in themselves and know how much they are loved and believed in by us.

So with February wrapping up I find myself noticing a little bit of inspiration here and there, a feeling of better things to come, and a desire to share a little bit of that with all of you!  Here is just a peek of what has made it's way out of the cold, cold winter and onto a canvas!  Hope you enjoy!  All prints of the originals are available in my etsy shop and other places around town!

I'd love to hear what makes your spark of creativity come alive again.
Hope this finds all of you thawing out and looking towards warmer, brighter days!


  1. Darling paintings!! I am so there with you...had a long talk with hubby last night...he was sensing my and painting is the only thing I want in my life during this time, so going outside to get to work is so hard for me, don't even want to get out of be during the week, then come the weekend and I'm full of energy. I pretend the winter isn't there. We have so much snow this winter I feel emotionally buried by it.

    I'm glad to see all your beautiful and colorful paintings. Visiting other blogs is what gets my spark going!!


  2. Kelly thanks so much for your lovely comment! I feel kind of bad feeling the winter blahs here in Florida with no snow, but it's freezing and dreary here! Hope your staying warm!

    I too visit blogs when I need that motivation and inspiration and your is a fav! Thanks again!


  3. snuck over from jenn's. what a gReAt spot you have!
    loving it!
    AND your art is so fun... so refreshing.
    glad i peeked! look forward to coming back. for sure!

    winter blahs over here a bit too.
    it's just so darn cold... it FEELS like we're stuck inside! :)
    i keep thinking... spring is ALMOST here. awwwwwe!
    more warm days ahead!

    cheers & big hugs to you!

  4. I love your have such a unique, beautiful style! I get funky these months too....somber, reflective...the sun always brings me back to myself....those late summer evenings sprawled out on the front lawn with the little ones are so grounding. I hope you have a great week! : )

  5. first of all...thank you SO much for visiting me today and finding me through the ever precious Kelly!!! I love that girl!!

    i can relate to you completely and totally with the "winter blahs"...i feel guilty considering i live in cali and we don't get buried in the snow like my family in illinois does or our other blog friends. but, nevertheless, i have been in a funk for quite some time now!! maybe it is just the time of year.

    your artwork is darling...i really love it!!! i am trying to gear up the courage to open an etsy shop...but my funk seems to be stopping me!!

    so happy to see you are creating through your are pushing through which is inspiring in itself!

    i find inspiration in my kiddlies and in visiting some of my favorite blogs and talking with my girlfriends and my precious hubby!

    happy saturday new found friend!!!


  6. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! love yours too!

  7. krista.
    thank you so much for visiting my blog from miss kelly berkey.s.
    like kolleen (who is one of my dearest friends as well) mentioned above...i too love that girl!
    i am loving your little spot.
    your artwork looks so fun.
    im a mom as well
    who likes to make art.
    i live in arizona
    so there.s no snow here either, but no matter,
    i STILL get the winter blues.
    so don.t feel silly about that sweetheart.
    i get inspired by the things my children say or browsing the magazine isles in the book store. antique stores are always good for ideas as well. i LOVE taking pictures and that always sparks an idea.
    hope you have a lovely sunday tomorrow.
    can,t wait to see what you do next.

  8. thanks for visiting my blog too! you have several of my very favorite people commenting above. :) i also love your art.
    i get inspiration from blogs like yours. it's like a secret (but not so secret) community of people who "get" me, i mean totally "get" me. it has saved my sanity at times. ♥ to you!

  9. Wow! Thanks so much everyone for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I just saw these comments... I'm relatively new to the whole blog thing and often forget to check to see if I have comments! Thank you... it really is great to have a community of friends online that "get it"!!!


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