Yippee...It's Back!!!!

After a long winter's nap my umph, roll, mojo, bliss... whatever you call it is back!! I found my creativity again! I was beginning to think it got a wee bit spoiled sleeping in, taking naps, playing, and hanging out with the kids all day long! It just refused to get up and work for the past couple of days... not so good when we have things to do.

And yes, I'm speaking of my creativity like it's a person (that's what happens when you stay up to 4am using spray varnish!) But really it is like a person it's a huge part of what I love to do and without her I can't make anything but a blob on a piece of wood... not very pretty. Of course I need to give credit to the funky cat for always shreddin up the papers that inspire!

Sticking with one of my New Year's Resolutions so I'm blogging... blah... blah... blah... excited about the rest of the week filled with lot of ways to inspire, climb higher, and create! Just in time to get ready for our "artsy" photo shoot with a good friend and amazing photographer this weekend! Check out her website and give some love
X0X0 ~ Krista


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