Here's to New Possibilities, New Challenges, and a Great New Year!!

So it's that time of year when I completely reorganize, declutter, and feng shui the place!!! I also drive everyone in the house crazy with my talks of trying something new, tackling goals we have yet to complete, and making a change in the new year! This of course can be translated by many in the house to... mom rearranging all the furniture, cleaning out closets, and attempting to feng shui the house! Oh and also, of course tackling their rooms as they've never tackled them before!

I'd also like to think of it as a great time to get started on creating lots of new things that inspire others to do acheive in heights. So stop by my etsy shop for the sale that began today on all 2009 pieces and get inspired! You can also find some new inspirational pieces in the shop too!

But seriously I do think this is a great time to inspire yourselves to do something different. So many people ask why I called myself the accidental artist. So many people say they have no talent and could never paint or create... challenge yourself to find your talent by accident!

I also wanted to share some of the highlights of the year with you and hope that you tell me some of yours... here goes...

Discovering my true source and inspiration for my art... I do have to give Him the credit!
Finally being able to call myself an artist without laughing... this is hard to do!

Actually being able to call my being an artist a job... and it's proving to get better and better!

Learning my scripture pieces proudly hang in a small village church in Kenya!

This was definitely a highlight! Pics and more info to come!

Being able to call myself Internationally owned... seriously I would never had thought... this one hangs in Canada and several other places!
Watching my two truly amazing kid faces grow into incredible people!

There were so many more, but onto what's to come...

Lots of new pieces in the works for my scripture collection. The one I'm most excited about is the pieces called, "Journey Through Faith" inspired by my sister-in-law's twin sister who is battling terminal cancer. This piece will represent her challenges, obstacles ahead, and her faith that helped her fight her fight... she truly is one of the most inspirational people I know. All proceeds from this piece will go directly to Inheritance of Hope. Please check out their website to learn more about this amazing organization!!!

Also to come is my calendar "Journey Far" featuring what will be 12 of my Journey far girls who all are inspired by different women on different adventures in their life.
I hope this New Year will fill you with tons of inspirations, possibilities, and fun in your life!! Happy New Year! Don't forget to leave a comment I love hearing from you!



  1. what call is the name of the way you paint. I LOVE it!!

  2. Wow Hedvig... thank you! I just saw this comment and I'm sorry it's taken a bit for me to get back to you! I call my type of work mixed media collage. I'll be on my way to check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by!


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