Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see - Hebrew 11:1

I love this scripture... I just think that no matter who you are, what your beliefs are, and where you are in your life... it's just so true. It's something that I find myself continuing to rely on lately. Times are tough for everyone right now... but Hope (yep, I said it... I know I've gripped about how hope doesn't pay for my car!), but there I said it... believing in hope is all we have sometimes.

I do have to say that I do, despite life's challenges that take over, I do feel incredibly blessed that I have found this accidental passion. So many closed doors have opened some big, bright new ones for me...

and I am grateful for that.

With that said my strong desire to help those in need has found me trying to do whatever creative thing I can to help! So in the next couple of days a piece of my art with the above scripture will be in my shop for sale with a link that will go directly to "God's Littlest Angels in Haiti". This orphanage had tough times prior to the Earthquake caring mostly for preemies, but now they have estimated that an average of 100 children will be added to their care every month! Please check out their website for more info: and stay posted for my etsy sale! There is also another great site that some of my artwork as well as my two little artists will be donating to in the next month... check it out... they have raised over $27,000 for Haiti through artists donated work!

I will also have a little announcement next week about a new little boutique that more of my items have moved into... and I'm neighbors in there with someone I have long admired! I have created some new pieces that sit perched in there and I am so excited! This piece is just a peek at some of my new mounted prints that will be available there and online! Thanks to all my friends, family, and commissioned work for being such an inspiration to me... it's hard to find that creative drive without all of you!

I hope this finds all of you enjoying what you love to do, believing in what you want to believe, and being grateful for all we have! Enjoy the beautiful day we have!



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