Okay, alright I'll write another one this week!!

My great friend Kim of Soggy Dog Studios challenged us both a while back to attempt to blog everyday... okay so I've lost that challenge... so what!? I can hear you all muttering... no actually it's just that, does anyone really want to hear my ramblings everyday? Maybe! Who really knows...

I do have to say I love hearing all of my fellow bloggers ramblings all the time so here goes... blogging once a week and this week I have so many things to be grateful for! Things like selling two originals this week for the first time... by a great woman that I had an opportunity to meet who really admired my work, and I didn't even know her! For all you new and emerging artists you know how exciting this can be! I was so humbled, grateful, and thankful to have met her and to have acquired a "new fan" as she put it!!

Many of you can understand we all go through periods of doubt, uncreativeness (Is that a word? It is now!), and an overall lack of umph! I have to say though that believing in myself even when I really don't,has given me all of the creativity, positivity, and confidence that I need to create and love what I'm doing...
it's all part of the journey!

I've also been back creating my "Journey Far" girl. She is the one who is constantly on a journey ofexploration and is not afraid of any of the challenges along the way. She first landed herself in France and now thanks to a commissioned piece I'm creating she is landing herself in a more tropical place... I love creating her and living vicaiously through her travels! She has inspired me to create a series of 12 journeys for a calendar that I hope to have ready in time for the new year! Stay posted!

So many opportunities have been popping up that I am so excited about and yet there is still thatlittle feeling of doubt and overwhelmingness (another word to add to your vocab!) but so thankful
for my small little group of blogging friends that offer support and cheer!

So grateful for my friends that always offer advice, words of encouragement and help. And finally so grateful for my family... my two little artists who don't mind me covered in paint all the time because they join in, and my full-time wood cutter (I love you) without you guys I definitely would just be a girl in messy clothes, playing in paint... but now this accidental artist is beginning to feel "real"
thanks to all of you

Oh and don't forget to stop by Artistree ( formerly know as Cottage Industry) ifyour up for some mimosas and art!

Have a great Fall day... it's absolutely beautiful out there!


  1. Oh congrats!!! The selling of your art is always the best and most grateful of highs!!!

  2. Haha! Kim is doing pretty good huh! She posted every day!

    You wonder, who wants to hear about you rambling? I do! I do :D! Sometimes I'm amazed that other people are listening to me rambling as well hahaha!

    Congrats on selling your art! You make such cool things as well! I still find it difficult to put a price on what I love to do the most though. But it get's better ^_^!

    Have a lovely day!


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