Believe in Possibilities and You Will Go far!

Okay so my little blogger bird whispered in my ear the other day to remind me that all I need to do when I write is pretend I'm just talking to her... blabbing her ear off! So are you listening??

Hey there, it's been a bit crazy busy in my little world over here. I've been creating some new things, painting some requested things, and brainstorming lots of christmasy things. My little black book (actually a sketch pad) has been filling up with important dates to remember, sketches, verses, scriptures, and more to pop into my little creations.

So after finishing another girl for my Journey Far series... I've decided I really am addicted to making these girls who get to travel the world and accomplish great things... that is after I get through all my questions of doubt with them and all my little names for them! I do love making these girls and will be making a calendar... even if it's just for me and my little bird to hang to remind us of all the important things we have to do!

So believing in possibilities has taken me far lately and before I jump to another topic as I often do here are a couple things I'd like to mention:

-my etsy shop is being updated everyday... as another personal goal! I've read a million pages from etsy that says listing something everyday will make you millions... not really, but it goes with my favorite saying... you list it and they will come!
-my new Journey far girl - Believe in Possibilities is sitting there in my etsy shop as a altered print of the original just waiting for a home!
-Go Green where you can have mimosas, treats, shopping, and fun is coming up at Artistree in College Park on Thursday, November 19th... please come out to see some great art from many local artists... they have added so many more this year!
-Kim & I will be out at Howey-in-the-Hills Annual Christmas Art Show on Saturday December 12th... Santa will be there too!!

Okay and now it's time to brag about the kid faces a little bit:
-Amber has developed a disorder not commonly known called, "I can't stop cheering, jumping, round-offing, and clapping"... she even has her dad, brother & I stunting, but all of this is in preparation for her big event at UCF. Yep, my little tom boy (or so we thought) is going to the UCF Pop Warner Regional Cheer Competition!! Go SOUTH LAKE JR. PEE WEE Squad!!

-After having Jordan's left foot insured as recommend by his soccer coach... remember Jordan is 6! No seriously, I think we will hold off on the insurance but, I do have to say my little man is the man on the soccer field these days! We are excited for his final games this Friday night!! Although after going to his first Gator game with all daddy, daddad, and all the Brock dudes he still wants to be a football player... and with that arm I think he will... just sayin'... I know I'm bragging, but hey that's what mom's do... right?

Okay so look I was pretending like I was talking to my little bird and there I went rambling... blah...blah...blah.... I gotta go! I'm supposed to be painting!!
Thanks for listening! Oh and for all of you teachers out there, I was told I'm allowed to make silly mistakes while writing my blog so there, put your red pens away!!



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