Can't Get Enough of this Time of Year

This definitely has to be my favorite time of year...
even if there are not piles of Fall leaves everywhere and it's still humid when I run ,
it's still in the air!

I have a little bit of the season tucked away in
every corner of my house...

pumpkins, skulls, fall leaves, and the scent of cinnamon everywhere. There is something about it... the
magical, mysterious, windy nights...
that little chance to show a
sinister side with a twist of whimsy!

Our own little pumpkin patch right outside our door

It makes me wanna get outside and I did yesterday to trim away the bushes in front of my studio window and let me tell you if your looking for a major upper body and jaw workout...
I know, that's weird... trimming bushes and chopping branches will do it...
but hey I can see out my window now at all the butterflies fluttering by and those small little brown leaves falling.

Get out and play, walk on some trails, dress up, and have a blast... it's an amazing season...
don't let it pass you by!

Don't forget to stop by and visit my Etsy shop... oh and with the holidays approaching it's a good time to buy handmade!
I love custom requests for plaques, letters, murals, and anything you can think of painting or collaging!

Happy Fall Everyone~ Krista


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