I'm Bursting with Gratitude & On a Roll of Creativity

Okay so Fall has arrived here in Florida and it's just amazing... began with a crisp walk to begin what will prove to be yet another busy day in my little make shift studio!

It's been crazy busy around here and I've been on a great creative roll... when it stops nobody knows but I've been taking full advantage of it. Of course with this rush and Fall being here the sniffles began and I ended up with two sick kids. Jordan thought it would be a great way to rest in his pj's painting and the above pic is what came of that (my little artist!). I loved it immediately and asked if I could write some words on it... it's now hanging right above my desk... continuing to inspire me and reminding me to create like a child... with no limits or expectations.

I'm also getting ready to ship out my first big order to a cute little coffee house in Oregon! I am so excited that my pieces of work will be proudly displayed out west! This whole process has taught me a lot about being organized, working all night long, and not being afraid to ask friends for help (thanks Kim for beading!) This excitement also comes with a large dose of nervousness... will they sell out there? Will they be a success? Etc... Etc... but this experience has also taught me to RELAX, TRUST, and BELIEVE !

Along with outside orders came a bunch of orders from friends and family and for that I am so grateful and flattered that they would like to give my work as gifts to special people in their lives. Through creating some of these letters, memorial plaques, b-day plaques, and more I've learned a bit about different peoples lives and that alone has been so inspiring! So thank you to those people and you know who you are!

Like I said, Fall is here and the calendar looks busy... lots of work to be done, but also my favorite time to enjoy with my family! Cheerleading, Football, Soccer, and of course Hay Rides and Trick or Treating... all of this and more in my life continues to be a source of happiness and inspiration!

Thank you for reading my ramblings! Later today I will have an Etsy Store update... be sure to check it out! Also, if your in the neighborhood come by ArtistTree (formerly known as Cottage Industry) for an outdoor art eventwith wares from local artists including my great friend
Kim Turner of Soggy Dog Studios and my work too!

Happy Fall everyone... get out and enjoy it!!



  1. Thank you for your artful inspiration and bundles of positive energy!!!
    I needed a big old kick in the butt!!!!

    Wishing you and "B" a very angelic anniversary! :)

    Have you Hugged your Blog today?
    :) - Kim

  2. Great blog!
    Very inspirational!
    I needed it today...


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