Wings are Spread & I'm Ready to Go!

Okay so you found me and I'm nervous and oh so excited about my new solo adventures in blogging!

For the past month or so some of you may have heard me mention the number 4 just a few times... okay fine maybe a lot more than a few... so what! At first I was seeing animals in groups of four everywhere, so I began to think okay maybe I need to start building an ark... crazy I know! Then the 4 began popping up in strange places, conversations, and art, weird huh? What I didn't know was that this number 4 is a great number for artists like me, it stands for creativity!! Not so weird anymore as I've been on quite a creative roll.

This number 4 comes at a time when I've found my art taking direction, style, and a flow that I've never had before... sometimes making me feel like not such an accidental artist! So here it is the start of a creative journey where I will now begin to spread my wings and watch it take off...

My art is off to Oregon to Siuslaw Coffee House, quaint little shop that spotted my art in Cottage Industry here in Florida... I am oh so excited! With my memorial, birthday, and scipture plaques taking off I feel like I'm running my own little sweat shop over here!

Life is good and busy as usual with the kiddos... I'm being pulled in a million different directions but have never been so inspired to create before! Stay tuned for upcoming events! Thanks for following me over here to my new blog and make sure to subscribe so you can receive shop updates!

Thanks for following me over here!

-Krista, The Accidental Artist


  1. COngrats on your new blog Krista! That is an amazingly beautiful painting. I tried to 'follow' you but couldnt sign up. I will try again and hopefully I wont have any tech difficulties.

    Kaili x

  2. Congrats!! Congrats!! That piece looks really nice ^_^. I'm following! Xx

  3. Congrats on your new blog AND Etsy shop! I wish you the best. :)

  4. Wow - I love what you've done with the place!
    Do you miss me yet? :)
    xox - Kim

  5. Hey Krista! congrats on the new blog & etsy shop! wooohooo! xoxox...jenn

  6. Am exploring mixed media artists, and have found your blog -- Quite Wonderful Things!! Am off to find fabulous treasures on your etsy shop!


  7. Hi krista .Congratulations on your new blog. It's very nice work.
    A kiss .

  8. Thanks everyone for checking out the new blog!!! Love all the comments it keeps me motivated to blog! :)


  9. Hi Krista! Congrats on your new beginnings! :)


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